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Gregory North is Fully Sick Mate! CD

Fully Sick Mate CD Australian Bush Laureate Awards
Finalist 2006

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Launched at the Hats Off Festival in Tamworth the CD Gregory North is Fully Sick Mate! has been a big success. It is a great introduction to the many moods and voices of this talented performer.

Bush Laureate Success

At the 2006 Australian Bush Laureate Awards in Tamworth,
  • Fully Sick Mate! was a finalist in Album of the Year.
  • Track 11, Banjo Paterson's The Man From Snowy River (in 14 different accents) was a finalist for Single Recorded Performance of the Year.
Produced by Jim Haynes, the album contains 14 tracks, which provide listeners with a wide variety of humorous, original poetry featuring an amazing range of accents. There are also four traditional poems as well as a serious and stirring Gregory North original, The Murray, Mate.

From the serious, to the funny, to the really ridiculous, there’s something for everyone in this collection. This talented man of many voices might just change the way you think about Bush Poetry.

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The Tracks
  1. The Tradesman (4:02) – A humorous send up of that great Aussie character familiar in every community. While his savage dog guards his ute, he’ll discuss any subject over a cuppa and bickies. This tradie will remind you of someone you’ve met.
  2. Young People (1:07) – With their unsightly clothing, smutty talk and self obsession, Young People are a problem today, that’s according to the old fuddy-duddy speaking in this fun poem.
  3. Call Centre (1:04) – You ring for help with some new fangled piece of technology… and your call could connect you to almost anywhere in the world. Who knows what you’ll hear on the other end?
  4. A Bush Christening (A B Paterson) (2:53) – This classic from Banjo gets the Gregory North Irish brogue treatment, bringing the bush characters to life in that unique christening ceremony.
  5. Breakdown (1:14) – Ever had trouble explaining what you mean, or understanding someone who talks in high-faluting terms? It could be a breakdown of communication, or something else.
  6. I’ve Been In The Wars (4:15) – As people age, they often become quite competitive when it comes to their medical conditions, procedures and operations. There’s always someone with a more harrowing tale. This is one of them.
  7. Said Hanrahan (P J Hartigan / John O’Brien) (4:00) – "We'll all be rooned". This great Australian favourite is always good to hear, especially when given the Gregory North treatment.
  8. Fully Sick Mate (My Ute) (4:02) – The youth of today, like the generations before them, seem to have their own vocabulary. Maybe you’ve heard them use terms like 'filthy', 'wicked', 'mad', 'sick', 'fully sick' and 'hectic' when just plain "good" would suffice. They call their mates 'homeboys' or 'homies' and drive their little rice-burner cars with their 'doof-doof' music blaring. How would someone like this from the suburbs cope with relocation to the outback? How would they adapt?
  9. Slabs, TABs, Cabs & Kebabs (1:34) – Taxi drivers have seen it all before, but what is it that drives the inebriated towards gambling and a late nite kebab?
  10. Corryong (comedy) (4:25) – This yarn centres around the town of Corryong, near the Murray River in Victoria. It’s where the Man From Snowy River Festival is held each year. But what do the locals do for fun the rest of the time?
  11. The Man From Snowy River (A B Paterson) (7:37) – Australia’s best-known poem never sounded like this! With 14 different accents, this classic ballad is sure to provoke a giggle, a laugh, or a total collapse! Often requested at Bush Poetry events it is becoming a crowd favourite all over again. This track was also a finalist in the 2006 Bush Laureate Awards for single recorded performance of the year.
  12. The Murray, Mate (4:43) – At last, a serious poem! Australia’s greatest and longest river, stretching over 2,500 km, the Murray has a catchment covering one seventh of the continent. Of that area, a tiny speck, less then two percent contributes one quarter of all the flow in the Murray River. That tiny speck is called the Upper Murray and includes the roof of Australia – the Snowy Mountains. It is from the sides of mountains like The Pilot, Mount Jagungal (the Big Bogong) and Mount Kosciusko that water starts its flow to become the mighty Murray River.
  13. Wheat (C J Dennis) (6:10) - One of Australia’s most prolific poets, C J Dennis knew how to bring characters to life. This poem of life on the land, seen through the eyes of one who loves it, brings out the humility and dry humour of the wheat cocky, with that Gregory North twist.
  14. Corryong Committee Meeting (comedy) (4:58) – Once you put on a successful event in Corryong, it becomes part of the calendar. How can the organising committee make this year's event bigger and better? This non-politically-correct yarn brings out a few more of Corryong's locals as they plan for a big day.
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