Man of Many Hats

Gregory North Man of Many Hats DVD

Man of Many Hats DVD

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Launched at two concerts in the Blue Mountains the DVD Man of Many Hats is now available. It features one of Greg's live performances including his amazing rendition of Banjo Paterson's The Man From Snowy River in 14 different accents plus original rhyming verse, yarns, interviews and out-takes all captured on video.

As Greg acts out each poem, he literally "lives" each character.  He really does become the little boy at the footy match, or Grandma complaining about her aches and pains, or the city dude with his doof-doof music and "fully sick" ute.

The DVD contains over 2 hours and 25 hats worth of fun with a touch of serious poetry as well as performances from special guests Pat Drummond and Frank Daniel.

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Scene List
  • The Sao Song  – original hit song by Pat Drummond.
  • Stay for my Poetry Show – what you can expect from a bush poetry show.
  • Cicada – a revealing glimpse into the little-known lifestyle and life cycle of this noisy insect.
  • Breakdown – ever had trouble explaining what you mean? It could be a breakdown of communication, or just a breakdown.
  • Climate Change – poetry slam-winning piece.
  • Fully Sick Mate – this could be what happens when a modern suburban youth is transplanted to the outback.
  • The History of the Blue Mountains (yarn) – most students learn about the historic crossing of the Blue Mountains, but you'll be surprised at what history has left out!
  • Answers in Space – a look at the true romance of the universe.
  • The Tradesman – uncovers a few "trade" secrets  of this character familiar to all communities.
  • Slabs, TABs Cabs & Kebabs – gambling, drinking and food can be a dangerous mix when trying to get home.
  • Killer (yarn) – a day in the life of a pest exterminiser!
  • Why Doherty Died (Thomas E Spencer) – Frank Daniel unravels the mystery.
  • Young People – smutty talk, self-obsession and outrageous fashions make young people the target of this attack.
  • I’ve Been In The Wars – no senior citizens likes to be outdone when discussing their medical experiences. This one is no exception.
  • Our Touch Football Day – inspired by actual events, this is what could have happened.
  • What's in a Name? (yarn) – quite a bit at this hospital!
  • The Man From Snowy River (A B Paterson) – you'll never think of this poem in the same way again. With 14 different accents, Australia's best-known poem gets a new lease on life and is fast becoming Greg's signature piece.
  • Gundungurra Man – the award winning serious poem that muses over the life of a Blue Mountains Aboriginal man of the past.
  • Call Centre – When your last resort is to call the help line number about your newly acquired piece of technological wizardry, your call could connect you to almost anywhere in the world.
  • If I Die Before Keith Richards – another great original song by Pat Drummond.
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