Gregory North

Raising the Flag
© Gregory North, 26th January 2010

Now, as we raise this flag today, let's not just raise our eyes
and see it as a coloured cloth, but as a treasured prize.
Let's raise our pride and see it as a prize we all can share.
It's not just there to compliment Advance Australia Fair.
So raise your Aussie passion as you stand up straight and tall.
This flag's our nation's symbol meant to represent us all.

Now, raise up your awareness, 'cause there's something to discuss:
some question if this flag is truly representing us.
We raise our heads and find the southern cross to point the way,
uniting every Aussie from Eureka till today.
But raise the subject of that Union Jack and then, it's on.
Some see it as our history and others want it gone.

I'll raise the fact, although our flag's from federation's lee,
it wasn't made official until 1953.
It raises doubts about assertions some supporters make
when warning of traditions they say none of us should break.
This raised blue ensign saw the death of soldiers, that is true,
but many died without that southern cross within their view.

The raising of this flag can also bring about despair
for many first Australians, so then is it really fair
to raise a flag ignoring them, their culture and their land?
In modern times I find that very hard to understand.
Let's raise our empathy for our indigenous today
and recognise their spirit in this land is why we stay.

We raise this flag today and it's a symbol for us all.
It may not need updating, but I hope that you'll recall
they raise this flag the nation wide – we only have the one –
the flag that represents us underneath eternal sun.
Let's raise our hearts within this land of opportunity
and trust our flag will symbolise a national unity.

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© Gregory North 2010. Photos by Andrew Bosman and Gregory North. Updated January