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This two and a half hour recording features Greg's amazing Stick It performance as well as his signature poem, Banjo Paterson's The Man From Snowy River in 15 different accents plus original rhyming verse and yarns all captured live on video.

Greg presents some poetry of the Blue Mountains as well as selections from the works of Australia's Poet Lorikeet, Denis Kevans. There's a different take on Clancy of the Overflow, a classic from Thomas E Spencer and plenty of Greg's original poems and wacky yarns.

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Scene List
  • Merry on Sherry – Aussie adventures in Ireland.
  • See What? – fog commentary from Katoomba's Scenic Skyway.
  • Poetry Factory (yarn) – an insight into how Greg's poems are created in hills that are alive with the sound of music.
  • The Blue Mountains (Henry Lawson) – the ashes (Blue Mountains ash), ferns, tinted cliffs, deep dells, crooning streams and ledges immortalised by a master.
  • Solitude (Henry Parkes) – the father of Federation's take on the "savage glen".
  • I'm on a Committee (Gwen Colless) – the joys of community service.
  • When Monkeys Rode the Greyhounds Round the Track at Harold Park (Denis Kevans) – the Poet Lorikeet at his best describing the pandemonium of a great Aussie sporting event.
  • The Greatest Kick of All (Denis Kevans) – the first AFL seven-pointer.
  • Sterco d'Elephante (Denis Kevans) – what really constitues modern art?
  • The Beauty of the World (Denis Kevans) – a masterpiece on the beauty of nature, life and love.
  • Ah, Brother, Have You Any Sacred Sites? (Denis Kevans) – still a relevant and poignant look at sacred places under threat from so-called progress.
  • The Mighty Illawarra – is bored on several levels.
  • Black Future – a case for coal mining?
  • Corryong (yarn) – what do the locals do for fun when the Man From Snowy River Festival is over in this small Victorian country town?
  • The Murray, Mate – the mountains of the snowies make our greatest river.
  • The Man From Snowy River (A B Paterson) – Greg's signature poem with all the hats and 15 different accents. What a hoot!
  • Reincarnatee – a questionable translation of an old Indian folk song.
  • Clancy of the Overflow (A B Paterson) – from a jilted lover's point of view.
  • The Poetical Linendraper (Thomas E Spencer) – a day in the life of Apollo Byron Dimity, a bloke who works at the Spotlight of the olden days.
  • They Must Have Been on Drugs – what they forget to mention about "the good old days", when everything was so much better!
  • Today – everything changes and friendships don't always last.
  • A Lasting Impression – Man's proper function is to live, not simply to exist.
  • I Said – Mrs Head, Evans Head, ice head, or I said? An old lady with attitude.
  • The Truth – about that strange substance called Tofu.
  • Dunedoo – the best town that Australia's never heard of!
  • Dunedoo Pioneering Families (yarn) – The Dunn family, the Doo family and the Nott family have all helped to put the town of Dunedoo on the map.
  • Stick It – adventures with sticky tape around the silly season.
  • A to K – alliteration and assonance spread over half the alphabet.
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