Denis Kevans
Rhyming Verse of Denis Kevans
Australia's Poet Lorikeet
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Blue Mountains Folkbook

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Denis's daughter Sophia found a small stock of these books and generously offered them free with every Rhyming Verse of Denis Kevans book purchase. They are old stock and some have slight water damage but they contain a wonderful assortment of songs, poems and stories by Blue Mountains artists from back in 1996. There are also plenty of photos, drawings and historical snippets.
Artists include:
  • Denis Kevans
  • Don Morison
  • Brian Bell
  • Jim Low
  • Judy Small
  • Eleanor Dark
  • Nigel Foote
  • Christine Davies
  • Ivor Morton
  • Terry Regan
  • Graham Alcorn
  • Sonia Bennett
  • Peter Duggan
  • Wyn Jones
  • Chris Kempster
  • Cassandra Hawkins
  • and more!
Here's the contents page:
Folkbook contents

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